Best Ways To Start As A Virtual Assistant 2020

Best Ways To Start As A Virtual Assistant 2020

Learn some best ways to start as a virtual assistant in 2020, if you’ve got the right passion, essential skills, and aspiration of starting your new business.

So, before getting into best ways to start as a virtual assistant business from home, let’s understand –

The COVID-19 Pandemic has badly disrupted the entire world and affected many industries! Surprisingly, some businesses have seen an outsized rise in popularity in this pandemic outbreak.

A Virtual Assistant has one of those veering businesses.

Well, Virtual Assistant (VA) has been around for many years however it’s still new and unprecedented.

Who is Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a self-employed professional who provides various commercial services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location.

He can do any kind of job virtually for his clients…from planning their family travels or organizing their business meetings or events or providing any specialized skill for the short term.

In simple terms, a VA is the one who provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location.

As we know so far, a Virtual Assistant offers various services from digital marketing tasks, scheduling appointments, and managing events to personal errands for his clients.

Anything that you could do virtually for your clients, would technically fall under the “Virtual Assistant” umbrella. 

If you want to know more about VAs, how the VA industry is moving, and would he be the right fit to meet your company’s specific needs, let’s dig deeper into the following video or view Master Yours Virtual Assistant Business.


Best Ways To Start As A Virtual Assistant 2020

Benefits of VA

A VA consultant is a great option for anyone who is looking for some flexibility, work-from-home comfort in professional life along with passive income.

What’s on the earth luckier than being your own boss?

With the right skills and interests, you could almost guarantee your potential clients to drive value addition to their businesses.

So, what would you need to become a successful VA Consultant?

Besides skills and passion, indeed you’d need good communication skills, a high degree of motivation, and a desire to learn things quickly.


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Broad categories of VA

Generally, you could set out your VA freelancing journey as a Generalist, or a Specialist. You need to gauge generic or special skill sets fitting to your job requirements.

For example –

You’d start as a Generalists by offering administrative services like answering customer service emails or assisting with data entry projects, etc.

If you’ve specialized skills, then you could also start specialized services like digital marketing, web designing, blogging, ghost-writing, affiliate marketing, resellers, network administration, etc.

Specialized VA consultants are typically professionals in a specific field of expertise.

Trending VA services

While there are most sought after virtual assistant services you could offer to your potential clients as a VA, we’d explore here top 5 VA services as Hot Virtual Assistant Niches 2020.

  • Office Administration Solutions – In this role, a VA provides customized business solutions, reception services, prestigious offices, and conference space to many local, national, and international clients on rent.
  • Virtual Document Processing Services – A VA with the right skills and hands-on experience with relevant tools would easily deliver the best document processing services.
  • Virtual Web Developer – A VA web developer is responsible to build, update and improve business websites on specific platforms.

To view more trending VA services, 5 Most In-Demand Virtual Assistant Business 2020.

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What it takes to become a successful VA?

1. Skill Sets and Experience

A VA has diverse skill sets, which enables him to work with any business regardless of its sector and size. His main goal is to help business owners (clients) make their day-to-day lives easier.

Like any other professional, every successful VA possesses basic skills like word processing, communication, writing skills along with soft and hard skills.

His hands-on experience with various online tools enables him to skyrocket his clients’ business growth.

2. Finding Your Right Niche

Your potential client is someone who would use your services. Right?

So potential client segmentation would help you develop a much clearer understanding of who you’d be going to sell what and how.

If you want to cater your services to them, you need to segment those clients based on their tasks to be done, the skills they are looking for, and the hiring cost they could afford to work on.

This is called Client Segmentation.

For example:

  • Would your service only appeal to a specific industry or is it general to all industries?
  • What is that important factor to evaluate these services – cost, or skills?
  • Would your clients’ be householders or businesses? Big multi-nationals, or small, medium business owners, or self-employed professionals?
  • Would your services seasonal or all year round?

3. Right Productive Tools

Are you a freelancer or a consultant? Or looking to kick-start your online dream business?

Whatever is your aspiration, time and productivity are vital for any professional. Right?

Many entrepreneurs struggle hard to keep their focus on prioritizing tasks, time spend on meeting business goals, and what not. Read some of the best productivity tools for any entrepreneurs to attain maximum efficiency and productivity.

4. Entrepreneurial Mindset

If you view yourself as independent thinkers, problem solvers, innovators, and doers, then here are some best ways that would help you build an entrepreneur mindset.

Your mindset must exhibits a higher level of reliability, high resilience, resourcefulness, and a solution-oriented pragmatic approach. You’d always find these people to be self-directed, action-oriented, and highly engaged.

Know Best Ways To Build Entrepreneur Mindset!

Take Away

As a VA, you’d be able to help your clients to become more productive and grow their business in the long run. Here we’ve covered briefly Best Ways To Start As A Virtual Assistant 2020.

If you want to know more about VAs, how the VA industry is moving, and would he be the right fit to meet your company’s specific needs, let’s dig deeper into the following video or view Master Yours Virtual Assistant Business.

In the nutshell, if you’ve got the right administrative or marketing skills I would recommend you to start as a VA consultant and offer your services to small and medium business owners.

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