Five Figure Funnels: Sell Marketing Funnel

How To Sell Marketing Funnel Services To Your Customers For Five Figures In Any Market, No Matter Your Experience
By Michael Killen

37 ratings
Kindle | Paperback

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Five Figure Funnels: Sell Marketing Funnel


The hyper-practical and controversial guide to selling more marketing funnels to customers, charging higher prices and justifying a five figure price tag.

“This book is honest, fluff free and brilliant”
Lee Matthew Jackson, Agency Trailblazer Podcast
“I wish I had this book 12 years ago when I started!”
Kim Doyal,
“If you’re looking to get motivated and find that inspiration to finally take action toward growth, Mike’s latest book Five Figure Funnels will do just that.”
Kristina Romero, WP Care Market

WARNING: Customers may ask you to train their sales team after you finish this book (it’s that powerful)

This book is for funnel builders, marketing agencies and anyone else who loves to build marketing funnels and sell them to customers. No more low budget, low value customers. Just follow the 6A Framework and you’ll attract higher paying customers, define a profitable niche and sell more marketing funnels.

Even if you’ve never sold a funnel for more than four figures (or you have no idea what to include in a five figure project) this book will lay out the entire process to sell marketing funnels for five figures. Hate sales and pitching? No problem – if you can read you can close customers and sell marketing funnel projects for as much as you want.

  • Why you should NEVER target an industry as a niche
  • Setting the price during the proposal is sensible, right? Wrong! It’s killing your sales
  • The truth behind what to include in a £25K funnel
  • No portfolio? No problem! This is what to use instead
  • The 5 email templates that generated thousands in sales from referrals
  • How to answer (and close) customers who say “that’s too expensive”

Five Figure Funnels: Sell Marketing Funnel