Master Yours Virtual Assistant Business

24 Step By Step Practical Startup Guide: Turn Your Skills Into Online Profitable Dream Business. Start Work-From-Home Outsourcing Services
By Dhiraj Mandwe

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Master Yours Virtual Assistant Business


1) Turn Your Skills Into Online Profitable Dream Business.
2) Start Your Work-From-Home Outsourcing Services With Virtual Freedom.
3) Get Bonus Kit – a) Startup Planner b) Productive tools 2020 c) Marketing Calendar d) Business Setup Checklist e) Budget Proposal Template f) Funding Proposal Template

Virtual Assistant (VA) is a self-employed professional who provides various commercial services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location. He belongs to a niche career segment that has universal appeal and unique implications in the present time.

Virtual Assistant Business Book2

A VA can do any kind of job virtually for his clients…from planning their family travels or organizing their business meetings or events or providing any specialized skill for the short term.

It is a VA business practical training guide for beginners, budding freelancers, and aspiring entrepreneurs who can provide online VA support services to his or her Small Business and entrepreneur clients.

Book Features
This is no-nonsense, effective step-by-step startup guide, crafted well with arduous and extensive efforts. It would help you to start building the business you’ve dreamed about.

Learn low Investment Self Employed Business Opportunity that enables you to outsource Online Business Assistance Services to various kinds of clients globally.

Access & develop skills for your dream Home Based Small Business. I’m sure you’d going to love it!


Download Bonus Kit FREE!

• Startup Planner
• Productive tools 2020
• Marketing Calendar
• Business Setup Checklist
• Budget Proposal Template
• Funding Proposal Template

Who This Book Is For?
• Anyone who wants to earn handsome money, build a lucrative work-from-home career with comfort and convenience.
• Anyone who wants to hire VAs to accelerate their business growth.
• Trainers, Online Tutors, Young Graduates, Job Professionals, And Homemakers

What You’ll Learn?
• What VAs do and how is VAs global industry?
• What is your mindset – VA Consultant or VA Entrepreneur?
• How to identify strong reasons to move to the VA industry?
• How to price niche and demanding VA services?
• How to devise a business plan with all essential elements?
• What are the right business structure and legal documentation?
• How to seek legal help and the investment to kick-start your business?
• How would VAs create the website and engaging social media presence?
• What are VA’s marketing and lead generation strategies?
• Why businesses and entrepreneurs hire VAs?
• What tasks many businesses looking to outsource to VAs?
• Which demanding and niche services VAs offer?
• How to start the VA business with low investment?
• How VAs find his first client?
• What is the hiring process for multiple VAs?

To summarize,

The step-by-step practical mentoring would help every aspiring or current small and medium online business consultants and entrepreneur to grow his or her business by leveraging the real potential of virtual assistants.

I’m sure you’d be able to setup your own Virtual Assistant Business up and running in less than 1 month!

In short, a VA business can help you live a happier, healthier, more productive, and stress-free life with virtual freedom.

Download downloadable kit and many more to help you to become successful on the VA business journey.

So let’s get on the exciting book ride!

Master Yours Virtual Assistant Business