Passive Income: 7 Figures In 12 Months

From Broke To 7 Figures In 12 Months: A 2020 Aggressive Step By Step Guide On How To Create Multiple Passive Income Streams And To Financial … (Passive Income & Financial Freedom Book 1)
By Fab Bale

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Passive Income: 7 Figures In 12 Months


“Passive Income : From Broke to 7 Figures in 12 Months” is an aggressive 2020 step by step guide on how to create multiple Passive Income Streams from scratch (starting with no money at all), with the goal of reaching Financial Freedom and of becoming a wealthy person.

Inside this book, the secrets of how the richest men in the world have created their fortune, starting from nothing, from personal money management and from the creation of the first sources of earning, until the use of it as financial leverage to create other (passive) income streams, are unveiled.

It is an established fact that, almost all millionaires and billionaires in the world have at least 4 to 7 sources of income, of which most, if not all, are passive.

The following topics have been discussed inside the book:

• Personal Money Management Tips
• Personal money management tools
• Best personal money management
• Free personal money management
• Passive Income
• Examples of Passive Income
• Smart Passive iIncome podcast
• How to create Passive Income
• How to create Passive Income with no money
• Passive Income for Life
• Passive Income Real Estate
• Passive Income Dropshipping
• Passive Income Blogging
• Passive Income Books and Audiobooks Self Publishing
• Digital Passive Income
• Passive Income Investments
• Financial Freedom
• Abc’s of financial freedom
• How to gain financial freedom
• Financial freedom tips
• Financial freedom foundation
• Financial freedom wealth management
• Financial Freedom with Real Estate
• Total Financial Freedom

About the author:
Fab Bale is an investorserial entrepreneur and business consultant. He is the founder, funder and CEO of several businesses in the US and in Europe including,,,, and others . Having started from $0, Fab used the pattern he has detailed in this book to become a highly successful businessman, founding companies across several industries including Hospitality, Real Estate, the Food Industry and Information Technology.

Passive Income: 7 Figures In 12 Months