The Path To Revenue: Secrets Of Leaders

The Path To Revenue: Secrets Of Successful Tech Leaders
By Theresa Marcroft


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The Path To Revenue: Secrets Of Leaders


“A must-read for any entrepreneur – sooner, rather than later.”
– Geoff Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm

Nine of every ten new companies fail.

Learn the keys to building a successful company, from the few who’ve done it!

It’s not enough to build great technology. And it doesn’t mean the customers will come.

What makes the difference between success and failure isn’t technology, or leadership, or even product offerings. It’s customer focus. In ‘The Path to Revenue: Secrets of Successful Tech Leaders’, Silicon Valley marketing expert Theresa Marcroft shares:

  • eight key strategies to build a customer focus into your organization;
  • how to market to resonate with your customers’ mindset;
  • how to empower your sales team with powerful content;
  • when to carve out a brand new market, and how to own it;
  • how and when to establish sales channels;
  • two approaches to differentiate your offering;
  • how to ensure that sales and marketing are aligned, (and why that’s important);
  • how to build a successful ‘go-to-market’ strategy;
  • how to leverage the power of creative PR to ensure revenue growth;
  • why you must measure customer satisfaction;
  • the one thing corporate boards in Silicon Valley can do to ensure success.

This book reveals all of that – and more – through compelling real-life stories of Silicon Valley companies who beat the odds and succeeded. Small firms, growing companies and established businesses will all find it an essential tool to discovering — and enjoying — the path to revenue.

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The Path To Revenue: Secrets Of Leaders